How many people will see my ad?                                                                                                

What's wonderful about Auction Time, is the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of bidders registered throughout North America to use this service.

Do I have to ship my item to the bidder?

No, with Auction Time, the bidder will either travel to pick up their winning item or send someone to collect it from the client/seller. There is no cost to the client/seller for transportation, shipping, or handing.

As a client/seller, will my items sell and will I get a lot of money for my items?
As with any auction, there is no secret formula that will tell us whether your items will sell or that you will make a fortune. ​Primarily, it is up to the bidder's wants and needs and the price of any item.
How do I become a bidder on Auction Time and how do I use it?                                    
There is no charge to register for Auction Time. Go to and register to view items and/or to place your bid. When you want to look for an item, type in the Lot # on the upper left-hand corner of the website. The information will pop up and you can begin to bid. You can also place proxy (outside) bids and receive automatic notices about your bid(s). As a registered member, you will also receive a free weekly magazine to view items up for auction.
How do I pay and collect the items I won in the auction?
Neil Ageny Auctioneers accepts Pay Pal, wired funds or credit cards for payment. Once the auction has ended for the item you have won, Neil Agency Auctioneers, LLC will offer you contact information for the seller of your item(s) to make arrangements for the collection of your winning inventory. 
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"Your ad will be seen by thousands throughout North America!"

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