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Neil Agency Auctioneers, LLC offers a complimentary assessment to gather the information needed to coordinate, manage, and auction your items as representatives for Auction Time and HiBid Online Auction Houses. 


Our services include knowledge of heavy equipment, construction, farm and ranch, and rolling stock (autos, trucks, boats, RV's, trailers, etc.), to promote and auction your inventory. Your auction is well advertised using a variety of marketing, publishing, and social media markets.

Neil Agency Auctioneers, LLC has the expertise, skills, and tools to help you with your auction inventory, anytime and any day!


Call (505) 320-2835 for more information. 

  • Neil Agency Auctioneers is an authorized Representative for AuctionTi...

    1 hr

    Call for appointment
  • Appraise farm/ranch, construction, rolling stock, estates, & more...

    1 hr

  • Corp. Events/Galas/Charity Events/Fundraisers for Nonprofits 501(c)(3)

    1 hr

    Call for appointment
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"Auctions with a Servant's Heart"

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