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Are you asking the right Auctioneer to do your Gala, Charity or Fundraiser?

There are so many steps that go into staging your event. There is the fundraising goal, logistics, decor, and seating, catering, sponsors, advertising, ad specialties, silent and live auction items, staffing and volunteers, etc. With so much going on, the last thing you need to worry about is hiring the right help you meet your fundraising goal.


So, let us make it easy. Here are a few steps to help you in your decision-making process:


a) Make sure the Auctioneer knows about your organization. How will you know? You will ask tough questions. It's important to know how knowledgeable they are about your organization. If they ask the questions, "What do you do? What are you about? Hmm. That's a great sign to say, "thank you for returning my call." Hopefully, they have done their homework in getting to know you before they return the call or attend the meeting. Dead giveaway!


b) Most auctioneers auction, that's what they do. That is it, but do they sell your organization to help raise more funds? Do they tell the story to move those bidders to up their anti?


Statistically, donors give to four causes, in this order: 1) Children/Youth; 2) Animals; 3) Healthcare; and 4) Education. Raising money to keep your organization is not an easy job. In fact, with the economy and prices increasing for everything, finding the right auctioneer to help you meet your goals by investing in your event with their time, knowledge, and talent, are going to be key! Don't settle for a brownie, look for the wedding cake, with all the frosting and flowers!


Neil Agency Auctioneers is prepared to paint that picture you need to help meet your goals. Leonard Neil is a trained, professional auctioneer with more than 17 years of auction experience! Vangie Neil has lived in your world of fundraising, programs, event planning, and development for more than 25 years at the local, state, and national levels. She knows how to tell a story, paint a picture of your nonprofit or charity while on stage, working together with Leonard to reach down and tug at heartstrings, and to move bidders to open their checkbook or pull out their credit cards!


c) Lastly, the only thing you need to know now is our phone number: Call us at 505.320.2835. There is a nonprofit fee for the service, but we also have a sound system we bring to your event at a value of $1500 (in kind), of microphones, speakers, podium, etc. Unless your organization is blessed to own all that equipment, we save you money to help you with your event. So, more money (in kind), to impact your bottom line when it comes to preparing your yearly budget!


Give us a call! We make it fun, entertaining, educational with a spin, and we help to raise funds for your successful programs, products, and/or services!

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