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Do I have trash or treasures? How much will I get for my items?

These are two questions we hear often from customers and potential customers.

Question #1: Do I have trash or treasures?

Many do not know what they are throwing away. I remember one time I was scouting an auction and I purchased a large box of items for $5.00. In the box was a pale violet vase. I knew it was depression glass and of it’s worth. The vase alone had a value of $75.00. Yep, I already made my money back! In the box were a few other trinkets: a book from the 1930’s, a few Fiesta dishes, couple of records and yes, some items that did not have value. I would value the contents of my box at approx. $250. It was a great day!

Unfortunately, many do not know what they are throwing out because they do not care or don’t have time to look up their items. They just want to get rid of “stuff!”

Take time to do a little research. If you find something that you believe has some value, take it to an auction house, a consignment store and be brave enough to sell it on Facebook. You might surprise yourself!

Question #2: How much will I get for my items?

That is the million-dollar question, and although we don’t have a definitive answer for you, our research has told us this: There is no secret formula that tells us whether your items will sell or that you will make a fortune. ​Our research shows there are a few factors can that possibly dictate the end result: a) what is the want; b) what is the need; 3) what else is going on in the country; and d) is it a pay day. There may be other factors, however, we believe these are the primary reasons.

Until next time!

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