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What do we do when our kids and family don't want our antiques, collections and other items?

We receive many calls from moms and dads who tell us their kids have no interest in the contents of their home, primarily dishes, jewelry, antiques, tools, etc. and ask what they should do next. Or families inquiring what to do with the contents of a home due to the loss of a loved one.

Here are a few options:

a) Do a search in your local community for consignment stores that will accept your items. These days you will find consignment stores for jewelry, antiques and furniture, clothes, and art. They will gladly take these items off your hands. Note, they may take a percentage off the sales. You could also make a few dollars from these items as you clear out household inventory.

b) Look for Estate Sales Companies that will come in and stage the entire home to do an onsite auction. The company will advertise an auction, invite to view the items. then offer the Estate Sales Company an amount to purchase the item(s). Most companies schedule viewings in advance or may let a certain number of bidders enter the home to view and purchase inventory. Call the company and ask questions to see if this is the right fit for you. Additionally. you are letting strangers into the home. Be sure to ask about insurance liability.

c) Donate what you can. The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Women's Centers, churches, nonprofits, to name a few, will gladly take your donations and put them to beneficial use.

d) For larger items such as farm and ranch equipment, heavy industrial machinery, tools, autos, trucks, boats, RV's, etc. call Neil Agency Auctioneers, to assess your inventory for auction in online auction services AuctionTime and/or HiBid. Go to and click on AuctionTime and HiBid buttons to view and learn more or call Neil Agency Auctioneers at 505.320.2835 to schedule an assessment.

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